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At the early age of 13, Cheng Lin released her début album
and became the most successful vocalist of her generation,
achieving superstar status in China. To date, she has sold
more than 20 million albums in Asia and has become a
cultural phenomenon.
In addition to her vocal talents, Cheng Lin is a classically
trained Erhu player (the two-stringed Chinese violin
pronounced Erhu - "ar-hoo"). She was taught to play by her
father at age six. Her father told her never to stop playing the
Erhu and to introduce the instrument to the world - especially
the West. She went to America to fulfill this mission in the
1990's. At the same time she learned English, studied
Western music, and developed a unique blend of East meets
West musical style. Her music comes from the purity of her
heart and the depth of her soul. The emotion of her music
has touched the hearts and moved the spirits of music lovers
around the world.
Highlights of her career include: 1981 - released her first Album Little Horn; 1983 - released
Childhood Cradle; 1984 - released the album New Shoe, Old Shoe; 1985 - her hit song Panda
Song topped the charts for the year; 1986 - performed charity concert for orphans in Guangzhou,
receiving Outstanding Youth award; 1987 - released album Song of 1987; 1987 - became the
first Chinese singer to make music videos, airing on national TV across the country; 1988 -
performed Xin Tian You on the most-watched Chinese New Year’s TV Special; Northwest Wind
swept all over China; 1989 - performed Good Boy in Chinese New Year’s TV Special, watched
by a billion viewers; 1989 -  cast as a leading actress in the movie Black Snow with leading star
Jiang Wen, winning the Silver Bear Award in Berlin; 1990 - studied at the University of California
in the U.S, while working with legendary vocal coach Seth Rigs; 1993 - performed sold-out
concerts throughout China and the U.S; 1995 - released her album Home Coming produced by
James Wong; 1996 - received Achievement award in the Ten Years Retrospect Show in Beijing;
2001 - performed in the first CCTV concert in Taiwan entitled The Same Song, receiving the Best
Cooperation Award; 2002 - received Chinese Music Special Contribution award at the 5th
Chinese Music Media Event; 2002 - invited by Chinese Children‘s Foundation as the
ambassador of Love helping Tibetan children; performed in front of Potala Palace at the
Handover Ceremony; 2003 - as the sponsor, helped to build a school in Mahe, Yanshi city of
Henan province, providing 400 students a better environment; 2003 – collaborated with Grammy
Award winning producer KC Porter on the Embrace the World Tour in North America; 2004 -
invited by French artist Jean Michel Jarre to Sino-France Culture Year  concert held in
Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City broadcast live on CCTV throughout the world; 2004 - the
song The Only Earth composed by Cheng Lin and James Wong received the first national
environmental protection Golden Song Award; 2006 -  recorded with Ozomatli on Erhu on Dont
Mess with the Dragon; 2008 - began work on her new book Ray of Light; 2008 - wrote song for
the Olympic Games Greater Than Gold; 2008 - held Only One Earth concert at Dragan Villa
Plaza sponsored by CONFO; 2008 - Little Horn and  Xin Tian You won Greatest Hits in Chinese
Pop Music for the past 30 years; 2009 - performed with Cui Jian in Luo Yang Stadium; 2009 - 
Penny Flower – Cheng Lin
Concert performed in the
Luo Yang Opera House
sponsored by the Luo Yang
Government.  Her career
greatest hits include Little
Horn, Little Rocking Cart of
Childhood, Mom’s Kiss,
Feng Yu Jian Cheng, Mimi
the Panda, When You Are
Still Young, Young Shoe and
Old Shoe, Good Child, Go
Home, Dream of Red
Mansion, and Only One